We Help Rural Economy to Grow

Transforming Sabah Rural Communities, Create Resilient Economy , and Better a Future! 

Koondos! was founded in 2020 by Moyog Innovation House with the support from UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), UNCDF (United Nations Capital Development Funds), PACOS Trust and TONIBUNG with hope to create resilient economy within rural area in Sabah, Malaysia during COVID-19 downturn.

The pandemic has been severely impacted Sabah rural communities income which depend their daily life on weekly traditional market and tourist sectors due to the restriction of movement worldwide. 

Sabah is a state full of resources, with variety of local products to be enjoyed by our consumers, including handicraft, ginger, honey, vegetables. fish, rice and many more. Most of the indigenous communities in the rural areas make a living by selling produces scavenged from the forest, handicraft or through farming activities,  The living condition of the indigenous communities is challenging and they have limited access to common facilities like post office, transportation, roads and hospital. 

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