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What is Koondos!

"Koondos" is a Kadazan word for "Happy".

Koondos! is a brand managed by Moyog Innovation house (MIH) with the support from PACOS Trust and TONIBUNG to help the rural areas community in Sabah affected economically by the pandemic to market their products and produces online.

Sabah is a state full of resources, with a variety of local products to be enjoyed by our consumers, including handicraft, ginger, honey, vegetables, fish, rice and many more. Most of the communities in the rural areas make a living by selling produces scavenged from the forest, handicraft or through farming activities. Due to the pandemic, the earning capability of the villagers has been severely limited by the restriction of movement to sell their produces at Tamu (local farmers market).

The implementing partner is positioned to assist the villagers in selling their products online by providing education and training to them on basic e-commerce application, marketing strategies and methods to increase product value.

The implementing partner hopes to improve the quality of the life for the rural communities by empowering them with adequate knowledge, tools and infrastructure to build a more resilient economy through digitalisation, in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic and in preparation for future crisis.

This initiative hopes to provide the community and their children with equal access to opportunities in livelihood and other basic human rights and close the gap on inequitable outcomes.


"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier."

— Mother Theresa

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