Our People

Evelyn Annol and Roselyn

Teacher by day and a contributor to the Penapah Kondis community since 2015. Evelyn and Roselyn are leaders who ensure empowerment is embedded in their community. They provide opportunities for their local villagers to improve their livelihood through local business venture and also digitally via Whatsapp business. At the moment, they are focused on high quality lihing production through traditional yeast cultivation with excellent standards. The community also produces cookies, sauce tuhau, handcraft and kadazan traditional wear.


Not your average entrepreneur, Mr Cosmas is dedicated to improving his life and friends from the village. He grows ginger, pineapples and sweet potatoes to sell at the local "Tamu" farmers market. Interestingly, his ginger is special because it is yellow and very aromatic compared to the usual white ginger that can commonly be found in our daily grocery store. To ensure his ginger is high quality, Mr. Cosmas is committed to check each ginger before selling them to his customer. Like most businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr Cosmas was also affected but fortunately he found a solution for his business through selling his produce via online with the help of our distributors at Koondos.


When life gives you lemon, make lemonade’ is a phrase we commonly hear. As for Fellycia, when life gives her vegetables and fruits, she innovates them for everyone to enjoy.

Fellycia is an innovative and hardworking female entrepreneur. She managed to balance between building her business and being a full-time homemaker. She is skilled in generating creative ideas and makes an effort to turn perishables into goods that have a longer shelf life. The idea came about when the pandemic hit and there was a lack of customers at the "Tamu" market which led to rotting of fresh produce and heavy wastage. She took the challenge to start selling them online and managed to convince other sellers going through the same to join her. She acts as a collector and distributor by managing the packaging, marketing and logistics of the produce. This initiative does not only help her gain income during the pandemic, but also it is social service for her surrounding community.

Juwita Mikin and Loynus Kogid

Mrs. Juwita Mikin and Mr. Loynus Kogid are rural farmers with 20 years of experience focus on growing organic lemon, fresh vegetable, rice, and cassava in Kampung Togudon, Penampang, Sabah. They are also currently developing their skills in Kelulut honey production & extraction. Unfortunately, during the pandemic their business face a reduce in demand for their goods, hence, it impacted their quality of life negatively. However, in collaboration with Koondos, they are able to sell their items online and gradually improves their income.


Marinus works as a rice and cassava farmer. Currently, he also started to learn kelulut honey extraction to supplicate his income. Before the pandemic, he could sell his products at the Tamu (Farmer's Market). Due to the Movement Control Order restrictions, the Tamu close and his is unable to sell his goods. With the help of Koondos, he sell his products online and gain new customers to help him increase his income during the pandemic.


Experience never lies, Jamila comes from Kampung Moyog, Penampang. She has been a farmer for more than 30 years. The produce in which she harvest are ginger, cassava, lemongrass, and onion. This pandemic has affected everybody including Jamila and she could not sell her products at the Tamu (Farmer's Market) as usual. However, with MIH's help, she sell her raw produce to the entrepreneurs that makes dried ginger slices and herbal drink at Koondos, which help to improve her income and sales.